The mission of the ABWPA is to promote and popularize the sport of Beach Water Polo in the United States. Although this new version of water polo can indeed be played on the beach, in a lake or other open water locations, the original idea for “Beach” water polo was to bring our sport some of the excitement and simplicity that attached to the sport of volleyball with the invention of Beach Volleyball. As such, the game is played under simpler rules, by a reduced number of players in a smaller course that can easily be set up in a swimming pool, without the use of shot clocks and vast numbers of officials.



The game of beach water polo originated in Italy in the mid 1990’s, with the formation of the International Beach Water Polo Federation and the first major exhibition match played in Naples at the 1994 LEN Final Four. The first Italian championship followed the next year. Since then, most of the major European countries have conducted national tournaments that have become incredibly popular.