Field dimensions 16m x 12.5m (maximum) or 14m x 10m(minimum) 30m x 20m (maximum) or 20m x 10m(minimum)
Goal dimensions 2.5m x .80m 3m x .90m
Ball dimensions Circumference of 65 – 68cm Circumference of 68 – 70cm
Officials and referees 1 referee and 1 secretary 2 referees, 2 timers, 2 secretaries
Number of players Teams of four players (five for female matches and boys 14 & under) with rosters of 7 players. 7 players with a roster of 13
Duration of game Without time.  Best of three games (six goals for men, four for women and youth) wins a game. Four periods of seven minutes each.
Restart after goal Goal keeper puts the ball in play immediately after a goal is scored. However, once game point is reached, the re-start is from the center court with teams lined up on their own side. Teams line up at center court and ball is put into play after signal from the referee.
Time of possession Without time 30 seconds
Personal fouls, exclusionsand brutality Yellow card warning for overaggressive play.  To kick or hit, or attempt either of the two with the intent to injure results in a red card – with exclusion from the game and the remaining games in the match, with substitution.  Red cards may also be given for unsportsmanlike conduct, bad language, dangerous or persistent foul play. Substitution after 3 personal fouls. Penaltyshot for brutality.
Major fouls and exclusiontime Immediate re-entry after touching corner 20 seconds from time of penalty
Colors of caps Any colors (within the same team) White and dark
Direct shot after foul Allowed beyond mid court Allowed beyond 5 meters
Direct shot from cornerthrow Allowed Not allowed